Manage Your Fleet to Ensure Compliance and Lower Costs!

Shipping companies need to make smart and quick decisions to ensure their fleets stay ahead in our dynamic global environment. Regulations by international agencies, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union (EU), require that shipping companies keep up to date with compliance in an efficient and cost-effective way for their fleet operations. Data accuracy and reliability, as well as fleet-wide standardization, remain prominent concerns of the shipping industry.


Watch our webinar to discover how Navis Bluetracker can help your company lower fuel consumption costs, manage regulatory compliance and boost fleet performance.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand:

You Will Learn:

How to maintain a sustainable fleet and meet industry and environmental regulations effectively

Best practices on leveraging data to manage fleet compliance

Ways to aggregate data from different sources to boost fleet performance and lower fuel consumption

Meet The Speakers

David Galler

Technical Sales Manager, Navis

Bastian Gehnke

Sr. Product Manager, Navis

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